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    Most beautiful Island in the Indian Ocean

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    Stunning Beaches & Sea

    Enjoy white beaches and truly clear water

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    Tropical Plants & Flowers

    Mauritius Botanical Garden is home of 650 varieties of tropical plants

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    Pereybere Beach

    Experience a little piece of Paradise on Earth!

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    Incredible Sea Life

    Unaffected Coral Reefs that houses an incredible wealth of sea creatures

Trochetia Villa, Pereybere experience an unforgettable holiday in Paradise!

Great accommodation, fully equipped including personal service at an affordable price...

Great accommodation

Want an unforgettable holiday on a beautiful island and for an affordable price? You have come to the right place. Péreybère, five minutes walking to the beach. The villa is made up of 6 fully equipped apartments.

Love Mauritius

Mauritius is situated in the Indian Ocean. Beautiful beaches, clear blue water, exotic sealife and a great climate.  The average temperature during day time is 25° C (75° F) and rarely under 13° C (62° F) at night.



Enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises, exotic sealife you have never seen, exotic plants and flowers and many more. You'll find it in Mauritius.

Enjoy Food

If seafoods are a favourite of yours, then don't forget to treat yourself to the "Millionaire's salad" of oysters, shrimps, crayfish, crabs, Rosenbergi prawns, served with "sauce rouge" and the heart of a palm tree!

Discover the magic

Discover the variety of plants, animals, fish and people on Mauritius! Many beautiful places to visit. The jewel of the crown in the Indian Ocean...

Love it!

While many countries claim they are cosmopolitan, only a few really qualify. Mauritius is one of the rare authentically cosmopolitan societies. Friendly, peaceful and hospitable. You'll love it!


Trochetia Villa, Pereybere

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